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Has your organization approved an RFP – complete with deadline, budget range, scope of work and timeline?  If so, you’re in the right spot! Please upload your RFP as a PDF.  Be sure your contact details are included in the PDF. Once uploaded, it will be sent to our full membership for consideration.

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If you don’t have a polished PDF, don’t worry. We have a great place for you to start, click below to submit a general inquiry that will be automatically distributed to all of our members.

Guide To Preparing An RFP

Whether you need a consultant for a long-term project or a one day meeting or perhaps a speaker for an event, you can use this form to request the services of a consultant who will meet your organization’s needs. Please complete as much of this simple form as you can. You can also upload an additional document. When finished please click on the submit button at the bottom of the screen. We’ll circulate your RFP and interested consultants will contact you. You can expect that prospective consultants will likely need to talk with you to gather more specific details and information about your project and  determine if it is a good fit for both parties. If you have questions, please contact

A few important notes:

  • Please adhere to the proposal deadline that you indicate, accepting and considering proposals through that date, so that all proposals can be fairly considered before the consultant is selected.
  • Please be as specific as possible in describing your expectations for the scope of work to be performed by the consultant and the scope of the work to be performed by the organization over the course of the project.  Include a budget or budget range if possible.
  • Please agree to inform all consultants who apply when the project is awarded.  You may choose to keep the name of the selected consultant confidential, but do let the other consultants know that their proposal was not selected.
  • Please be prepared to accept telephone calls from the ACN consultants responding to your RFP. Some consultants will not submit a 
proposal in response to an RFP without first discussing the project with a prospective client.

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