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Connecting Nonprofits with Nonprofit Consultants

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The Association of Consultants to Nonprofits is the premier society of professional consultants who specialize in working with nonprofits. Our mission as a community of nonprofit consultants is to be a rich resource of collective expertise and experience for mission-driven organizations. We connect nonprofit consultants with one another, we connect nonprofits with qualified experts and we connect both with best practices and useful tools.

Nonprofits play an essential role in our communities and economy, filling the gap between the private sector and government services. You will find that our members understand and specialize in addressing the unique needs and challenges charitable and mission-driven organizations face. We have been supporting the nonprofit community for over 20 years.

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Meet a Consultant

Who We Are:
Carey Freimuth, Institutional Consultant for Caritas Financial, works mainly with institutional clients to help educate them on fiduciary standards of care while providing investment management strategies and resources. This includes assisting with the review of a written Investment Policy Statement (IPS), diversifying portfolio assets with regard to the risk/reward parameters defined in the IPS, and helping to avoid conflicts of interest and control expenses.

Primary Practice Area:
Finance and Accounting

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