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Many small nonprofits begin with great passion for their mission, but could benefit from better understanding business and organizational models, and fundraising techniques. Janet works to empower those she serves to bring their vision to reality.

As a practical visionary, Janet Cobb integrates her skills in education, non-profit management, and fundraising, to offer innovative solutions to align money and mission with a focus on strategy, communications, and fundraising.
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  • Board Support (Development, Governance, Retreats, Training)
  • Development/Fundraising
  • Strategic planning
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I thank my stars that Janet Cobb appeared on my radar when she did. As my agency embarked on a strategic planning process, Janet offered us the kind of knowledgeable and experienced guidance that led to focused and purposeful planning. She was available, and as tactful or direct as needed, as she helped us form the strategic steps needed to expand our capacity and create a more sensible corporate structure. We are well on our way, and I don’t think that we could have done it without Janet. -- B. Burghardt, Interfaith Action of Evanston
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Janet is a consummate networker and fund-raiser. - Anita J. (Executive Director at The Career Transitions Center of Chicago)
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“Janet has an amazing ability to see the big picture and to envision exactly how building blocks of a task, project or organization need to fit together to support the vision and mission. She’s also terrific with the day to day nuts and bolts and brings creativity and enthusiasm to daily work.”
— Janet W.

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Promised Land: The 10 Commandments for Nonprofit Strategy, Communications and Fundraising
Topic 1 Description
Set the stage for growth and a clear path for reaching your organization's Promised Land by engaging in the process of creating a strategic plan (Commandments 1-3), developing a communications plan (Commandments 5-7) to consistently share the vision with others, and integrating a fundraising plan (Commandments 8-10) to empower others to support your vision.
Topic 2
It Ain't About You: Writing Donor-Centric Communications
Topic 2 Description
The "It Ain't About You" workshop will offer a quick presentation of the key elements of a direct fundraising appeal. Sample templates with instructions for crafting your own appeals will then be presented. Emphasis will be on donor-centricity, single focus messaging, and recommended formatting for effectiveness.

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