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For more than 30 years, ACN has strengthened nonprofit organizations by serving as a society of professional nonprofit consultants. Our consultants are located throughout the United States and Canada and work with local and national organizations in areas from Association Management to DEI and from Social Media to Strategic Planning.

As thought leaders in this focused and ever-changing sector, our members provide organizations with a rich resource of expertise, education and experience. We hope our site helps you find a consultant, submit an RFP, learn about our events, or get advice. New members are always welcomed! 

Mission Statement
The Association of Consultants to Nonprofits envisions a world where all organizations doing social impact work have the external expertise they need to fulfill their missions.

Statement of Purpose
ACN raises the profile of consultants doing social impact work by providing its members with opportunities to build relationships and expand their expertise.

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ACN 2023 Year in Review

ACN President, Dr. John E. Bauer, reflects on 2023 and looks ahead to 2024.

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ACN EMPOWER Groups are intended to be forums for like or complementary groups of professionals to empower each other with a diversity of thinking, knowledge, shared experience, perspective, support, intentional networking, business development, and inspiration.

The groups will be member-driven and self-directed in terms of content, frequency of meetings, duration, number of participants, and general meeting objectives. Participation in EMPOWER Groups is open to all ACN members,including organizational, individual, and associate members.

Our Member Organizations Consist of:

Who We Are. We are a professional society managed by our members on a volunteer basis. Sole practitioners, partnerships, and organizations may join as members.  Our members are primarily experienced consultants representing dozens of areas of expertise, who serve as sole proprietors or leaders of specialized boutique firms. ACN members are:

Experienced. Our consultants’ practices represent the full range of functions and skills needed by nonprofits of any type, age, or size to thrive. The typical ACN member works with five clients per year on engagements ranging from day-long commitments to year-long projects. 

Committed. ACN members represent the best of what it means to be committed to helping people. With an average of 10 years in their current consulting practice and 22 years working in the nonprofit sector, our consultants have weathered countless storms alongside their clients – and gotten them safely to shore.

Collaborative. ACN provides its members the opportunity to collaborate with clients and colleagues alike, in order to provide exceptional service throughout the nonprofit sector. ACN members consistently report collaborating with another member in the prior year. From hosting relevant, timely programming to facilitating networking through pop-up events and online forums, ACN strives to promote the highest caliber of collegiality across sectors.

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About Our Nonprofit Consultants:

Amy Wishnick
Wishnick & Associates, LLC

"Since joining ACN, I have reaped many benefits. ACN has afforded me the opportunity to be more visible and to increase my reach as a consultant. Each of my national clients has found me through the website. Being part of a smart, dedicated community of colleagues, as well as my experience on the board of directors and as association president, have also been enriching. Being involved makes all the difference.”

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