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Are you tapping the potential support from your audience?

If you aren’t listening to your audience, you can’t answer that question. Communication is a two-way street but often, as experts in their work, nonprofits find themselves doing all the talking. When organizations listen, they can easily identify potential supporters, discover what words and stories resonate with them, and clear a path for them to fully engage. That means higher attendance at your programs, increased donations to your campaigns, and awesome numbers to share with funders.

Emily Taylor, the principal of teenyBIG, is an expert listener who is passionate about helping nonprofits find better ways to engage the people who matter to them. She guides teams in stepping outside of their day-to-day work in order to create stronger connections with their audiences, turning lackluster followers into enthusiastic supporters.

Emily teaches organizations how to apply human-centered design, a process that re-evaluates the experience of a product or service’s end-user. She designs and facilitates workshops to help teams understand and expand the user experience and offers coaching packages to further guide that process.

Have a question about how your audience can make a larger impact toward your mission? Reach out to Emily at https://teenybig.com/lets-talk
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Human-centered Design
Audience Engagement Coaching
Engagement Strategy
Empathy Interviews and Surveys
Collaborative Workshop Facilitation
Prototyping and Testing
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  • Capacity Building
  • Market Research and Strategy
  • Strategic planning
Client List
American Academy of Pediatrics
The Morton Arboretum
American Marketing Association
The League of American Bicyclists
High Speed Rail Alliance
Ragdale Foundation
Access Contemporary Music
Testimonial 1
"Two years later, we are still referencing what we learned about engaging our audience from teenyBIG's work - it's given us a deeper understanding of them, more so than we've ever gotten from surveys and focus groups."

- Carissa Dougherty, Head of Knowledge, The Morton Arboretum
Testimonial 2
Emily is an amazing and collaborative partner. She truly listens, thinks strategically, and prepares thoroughly for the work sessions she facilitates with the team. She's an empathetic individual and a deep thinker, which helped her build rapport quickly with the team. We are so very grateful for her guidance on our most recent innovation initiative and can't wait to work with her again!

- Adara Bowen, Vice President of Growth, American Marketing Association
Testimonial 3
“Emily’s process is top-notch and I loved how well she listened but also how she challenged us to think big and ask hard questions of ourselves.”

- Scott Bricker, Executive Director at Bike Pittsburgh

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Topic 1
What is Your Audience Thinking? Listening Methods to Gain Support for Your Mission
Topic 1 Description
Have you pondered "what does our audience think about our organization?" Your mission is the top priority, but if you don't know how your audience perceives it you may struggle with gaining their support for it. In this session, Emily will share why it is so important to listen to your audience and use that information to build momentum for your work.
Topic 2
Engagement Mapping for Nonprofits Workshop
Topic 2 Description
Do you wish your followers were more supportive of your organization? Do you struggle to engage your audience or define what engagement means for them? Understanding the holistic experience your audience has with your nonprofit is key to knowing what will motivate them to take action toward your mission. In this workshop, participants will learn about the myths of audience engagement, how to define engagement for their organization, and steps they can take to turn their followers into passionate supporters. The collaborative process of this workshop will allow participants to find engagement gaps within their own organization and learn from each other to build solutions.

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