Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud: Securing Your Free License is Just the Beginning

06/24/2023 11:23 AM | Gordon Mayer (Administrator)

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud can be a game-changing Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) platform to help nonprofit organizations serve their mission. Nonprofits qualify for 10 free licenses through the Power of Us Program.

However, securing the licenses is just the beginning.

As a Salesforce Consulting Partner, Ascend NPO has learned that the real value of the tool is in how we customize it to solve specific problems unique to each nonprofit.

This can cost less and move faster than many nonprofit leaders may think. Here’s a case study featuring a recent client who leveraged a customized version of Salesforce to transform their program delivery. The project cost less than $10,000 and took about 8 weeks from kickoff to handoff.

Case Study – Dads Move

Meet Dads Move, a growing nonprofit based in Washington state. Their mission is to strengthen the role of parents, especially dads, in raising children with behavioral health needs.

As Dads Move has grown, they encountered significant challenges in delivering their programs efficiently due to outdated systems. To overcome these hurdles, they partnered with Ascend NPO. Let's explore how the implementation of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud transformed their program management and delivery.

Assessment and Diagnosis

Dads Move relied on manual processes, paper documents, and scattered data in spreadsheets, impeding their growth. Then, they secured several high-value grants. The funders wanted them to scale up, but required the group to meet performance and reporting standards.

The group needed Salesforce to create more standardized systems and automate parts of the intake process that staff previously did manually. Plus, as Dads Move grew, leaders wanted a better handle on their programs and results to make more data-driven decisions.

Planning and Implementation

Dads Move engaged Ascend NPO for Salesforce consulting and implementation services. Ascend NPO conducted in-depth sessions with the Executive Director, Program Manager, and other staff to understand their program management. This resulted in a detailed process map that identified:

  • Required data points
  • Staff handoff areas
  • Automation opportunities
  • Necessary documentation

Using the process map as a guide, Ascend NPO designed and implemented a custom solution within Salesforce.

This tailored solution empowered Dads Move to automate and track applications, care plans, and support services. They could now accept applications online, move applications and care plans through a structured process, and document support services they provided to clients.

salesforce forms customized for Dads Move on blue background

Results and Impact

Implementing Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud had a significant impact on the nonprofit's operations. Some of the key outcomes included:

  1. Streamlined Program Delivery and Reporting: Program delivery and demographic data became readily available, which made reporting for new and existing grant requirements much easier. This helped the nonprofit ensure that they were meeting grant requirements and could quickly report on their program impact to funders.
  2. Increased Efficiency: Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud streamlined the intake and referral process, resulting in an increase in the number of families served per staff member. By reducing time spent on administrative tasks, staff members could focus more on their mission, leading to heightened staff satisfaction.
  3. Improved Program Participant Satisfaction: The improved case management capabilities enabled Dads Move to connect families with support services more efficiently. As a result, client satisfaction levels increased, and more families received the vital assistance they needed.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud empowered Dads Move to amplify their impact and deliver better outcomes for the families they served. By harnessing the platform's capabilities, they streamlined their operations, alleviated administrative burdens, and refocused their efforts on providing critical support services to those in need.


The success story of Dads Move illustrates the power of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud to transform a nonprofit’s operations.

Matt Souza 

Meet Matt, an experienced nonprofit consultant and Salesforce professional with nearly a decade of expertise, founded Ascend IPO in 2020. Learn more about his firm and Salesforce customization Ascend NPO here.

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