COVID-19 Resources for Consultants & Nonprofits

ACN is a close-knit community and we know many of our members are finding that their businesses are being affected by the current crisis, or that they need additional resources or support. 

ACN also realizes that many nonprofit organizations are being affected by the current crisis and that you may need additional resources or support.

We are currently developing virtual ways to keep our consultant members and nonprofit organizations connected and supported while our in-person events are postponed.

  • Search our Member Directory by practice area for additional resources you may need at this time.
  • Follow our blog and Facebook page, where we are sharing posts on topics such as working remotely and managing crisis communications. 
  • Sign up for one of our 30-minute Flash Webinars on timely topics
  • ACN Members - Join the private ACN Facebook group to participate in ACN Virtual Connections, a weekly opportunity to connect with fellow members.

We’ll continue to keep you updated on any event changes or additional resources as they become available.

We are curating the list below of resources that you and your organization may find useful. And please don't hesitate to let us know how ACN can help you during this time.

Funding and Financial Information

Link to LISC website

The fund will target the following entities, which represent those most in need of capital infusion:

  • Women-, minority- and veteran-led small businesses that provide vital goods, services and jobs in communities most in danger of permanent closure
  • Nonprofit social enterprises with revenues of less than $5 million
  • Small Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) with missions to support small businesses

Pro Bono Financial Planning from Members of the Financial Planning Association® (FPA®)

List of financial planners by state

How to Fully Fund Your Nonprofit (yes, even the salaries) Webinar
Provided by Shelly Quam Taylor, QuamTaylor, LLC - hosted by Firespring

Link to webinar

Thank you to ACN member, Sherry Quam Taylor for sharing this information.

Navigating the Financial Impact on Nonprofits During Unprecedented Times Webinar
Provided by ACN partner, Forefront

Link to webinar

COVID-19 Response Funds - Illinois

Link to funding list

Thank you to ACN partner Forefront for sharing this information.

Guide to COVID-19 Stimulus and Support Funds Available to Nonprofit Organizations, Small Businesses and Social Enterprises
Provided by Lauri Alpern, Open Door Advisors

Link to resource list

This guide focuses on COVID-19 stimulus and support funds available to nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and social enterprises operating in or near Chicago. It currently includes: national efforts, state and regional efforts, issue or population-specific efforts, and some direct-relief efforts for employees and/or community members.

Thank you to ACN member Lauri Alpern, Open Door Advisors for sharing this information.

Financial and Strategic Preparedness for COVID-19 Webinar
Provided by Amy Gudgeon, Shilpi Shah & Denise DeMaio

Please find a link to a Google Drive folder. This folder contains the following resources:

  • A PDF version of the slides shared yesterday, please note our contact information is included on the very last slide.
  • The cash flow template
  • The scenario planning template
  • The Disaster Scenario Planning and Risk Assessment Questionnaire 
  • An article related to unemployment and furloughs
  • Recording of the webinar
Additionally, here is a link to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, which may be helpful in finding out what grants and loans are available in your area.

Thank you to ACN member Carol White, CBWhite for sharing this information.

IRS: Coronavirus Tax Relief
The IRS has established a special section focused on steps to help taxpayers, businesses and others affected by the coronavirus. This IRS page will be updated as new information is made available.

Link to IRS: Coronavirus Tax Relief

Helpful Links for Navigating COVID-19 Financial Relief
Provided by SmartSpark Solutions 

Link to resource list

COVID-19: Inside The Stimulus For Individuals
Provided by The Moms Project

Link to website

  • CARES Act
  • FFCRA Act
Legislative Relief for SMBs during COVID-19
Provided by The Moms Project

Link to website

Thank you to ACN member Lidia Varesco Racoma for sharing this information.

Arts Community Resources
Link to city of Chicago website
Includes information for financial support from resources in Chicago and throughout the United States. Also includes impact surveys and additional resources.

Fox Valley Grantmakers COVID-19 Response Fund
Link to Community Foundation for Fox Valley website 

Thank you to ACN member Bill Price, Growthlaw for sharing this information.


Asking Face-to-Face: What Does that Mean Today? - Webinar
Provided by Brian Saber of Asking Matters

Link to webinar

We’re all reeling, and day to day it seems like the ground is shifting beneath us. We know that it will be almost impossible to:

  • see our donors in person
  • ask them for their gifts face-to-face
  • bring them to see our programs in action
  • hold in-person cultivation events

We also know many donors will be impacted financially and, if not, spooked by the economic prognosis for them personally and for the country and the world.

What does this mean and how can we be creative?

Thank you to ACN member Edie Canter, Canter Strategies for sharing this information.

Insurance & Human Resources

Navigating the Coronavirus: Best Practices for Employers - Webinar Slides
Provided by Heather Becker, Antonio Caldarone and David Moore of Laner Munchin
Hosted by Gregg Mellinger, USI Insurance Services

Link to webinar slides

Click here for additional resources regarding COVID-19 preparation are available on the USI site including the following topics:

  • Response and Risk Mitigation
  • Property & Casualty and Personal Risk
  • Employee Benefits
  • Retirement Consulting
  • Travel Insurance and Travel Alerts

Thank you to ACN member Gregg Mellinger, USI for sharing this information.

How Small and Medium Size Businesses Can Prepare for the Impact of COVID-19 - Webinar
Provided by Samantha Wellington, Trinet and John Polson, Fisher & Phillips, LLP

Link to webinar

Families First Coronavirus Response Act: What Businesses with Under 500 Employees Need to Know
Provided by Samantha Wellington, Trinet and John Polson, Fisher & Phillips, LLP

Link to webinar

COVID-19: Business Resiliency & Preparedness Center
Link to COVID-19: Business Resiliency & Preparedness Center

Thank you to ACN member Connie Kyes-Myland, TriNet for sharing this information.

Turn Panic into Purpose - Lead Through COVID-19 with Confidence
Provided by Sherry Budziak, .orgSource
Link to article

COVID-19 Resources

  • Virtual Office Guidelines

  • Epidemic/Pandemic Guidelines

  • Virtual Business Meetings

  • Webinars & more

Thank you to ACN member Sherry Budziak, .orgSource for sharing this information.

Preparedness Checklist
Provided by George Persekian, Wipfli

Link to Checklist

  • Operations
  • Staffing
  • Communications

Thank you to ACN member George Persekian, Wipfli for sharing this information.

Resources for Working Remotely

Four Essentials for Converting to a Virtual Office Environment
Provided by Kevin Helm, CAE and David Westman, CAE via ASAE

Link to article

Thank you to ACN member Kathy Bell, Bell Advisory Services for sharing this information.

How to Work from Home Like a Boss - Video
Link to video

How to Manage Anxiety During a Pandemic - Video
Link to Video

Coronovirus Killed My Job - Video
Link to Video

Thank you to ACN member Kim Brown, Centrally Human LLC for providing this content.


Unfussy Crisis Communications Swipe Copy for COVID-19
Provided by Jacq Fisch

Link to article

  1. Proactive Email to Clients
  2. Out of office reply
  3. Calendar Updates - Community & Group Meetings
  4. Calendar Updates - 1:1 Meetings
  5. When clients are looking for guidance regarding canceling or rescheduling
  6. When a client needs to cancel
  7. When you’re declining an in-person meeting

How to Facilitate Effective Virtual Meetings
Provided by Beth Kanter

Link to article

  1. Virtual meeting norms
  2. Virtual meeting design is more than an agenda
  3. How to avoid technical and time zone scheduling snafus
  4. Always do a virtual icebreaker or check in
  5. Create a line for participants to follow
  6. Techniques for virtual brainstorming, voting, feedback and energizers
  7. Ways to evaluate and continuously improve
  8. Hybrid meetings
  9. Send meeting notes that people actually read
  10. Additional tools and techniques

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