Gift Ideas for Nonprofit Consultants—During the Holidays and Year-Round

12/12/2023 4:06 PM | Gordon Mayer (Administrator)

Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA) also publishes an annual Holiday Gift Guide, Toasting Good, which features gift options from their social enterprise members and other social impact products.

Gift ideas with a personal approach

Cookies from a local bakery (or baker)

Non-fiction book on a topic of interest (Joan Garry's Guide to Nonprofit Management was suggested)

A donation to the nonprofit and fruit basket for the staff

Give the gift-receiver the power to choose

Lastly, you could give your potential gift recipient an option to forgo a gift and instead redirect the dollars to charity:

Create a system to determine the size of client gifts

You may decide to scale your giving efforts based on the client or project. In this case, you can create a rating system where you tie the gift expense to the revenue from the referral source or client and have gift types in several price points.

It’s also useful to keep on hand a small, inexpensive gift that you can use throughout the year to thank or acknowledge clients.


Thank you to ACN member Sarah Marion, IOM of Athena Advisory, Inc. for bringing up this topic to the group. And thank you to the following ACN members who contributed ideas to the post:

Thanks to all! Let us know if you find this list helpful. 

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